Tenther Radio Episode #79: Nullification of Agenda 21 and Obamacare, 2012 Tenther Year in Review

In this post-Christmas show Chief Tenther Elf Michael Boldin and “Saint” Nick Hankoff join forces to review the nullification goodies that have been dropped down the chimneys of the various states in the union, as well as the top ten Tenther articles of 2012.


Tenther Radio Episode #78: Nullifying Federal Gun Laws, and the Constitution Solution for the CT Massacre

Boldin and Hankoff discuss a suggestion that TAC create model legislation to nullify federal gun laws.  During this segment, they reviewed various federal gun laws from over the years and some ideas for how TAC would approach nullification – and future proof the legislation against potential new laws, regulations, and even executive orders.


Tenther Radio Episode #76: NDAA Nullification, Rejecting ACA Exchanges, and What Next

Welcome to Tenther Radio Episode Number 76 as we channel the spirit of our Founders from that famous year of 1776!  While wearing his tri-corn hat, Michael Boldin leads his fellow patriots: Co-Host Lesley Swann,  Executive Producer John Michaels and Blogger John Lambert through more resistance battles.  However even with these recent victories that will be discussed in tonight’s episode, the continuing revolutionary war is far from over as he will explain later during his rant.

Lesley reported on a victory from Michigan as their State House voted unanimously 107-0 to nullify the NDAA in their state.  However, new battles will need to fought to push it through the Senate.  Boldin then brought up the Feinstein Amendment to the NDAA 2013.


Tenther Radio Episode #75: The UN, Drones, and What Happens After you Nullify

Whether it’s something important for the left, or for the right – the 10th Amendment applies equally for everyone. The federal government is only authorized to exercise those powers delegated to it in the Constitution. This week, Tenther Radio will report on some big issues for the Tenther Movement. The UN is trying to pressure Obama into attacking states who defy DC on marijuana. Judge Napolitano has an interesting solution to the drone problem facing us all. The TSA is making travel more dangerous, not less. And another Governor is resisting the Affordable Care Act – and even sounds a little like he’s been tuning in to the show. Michael Boldin and Nick Hankoff host.


Tenther Radio Episode #73: TX vs TSA and more!

John Michaels, John Lambert, and Michael Boldin are your hosts on this 73rd episode. With all the news of states exercising sovereignty over marijuana, health care exchanges, and NDAA those who favor the opposite – a monolithic Washington, D.C. – are scrambling for arguments to keep back the momentum of these tenther-leaning election results.


Tenther Radio Episode #72: Elections and Nullification Success

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Welcome to Tenther Radio Episode #72!  The Captain of our Fellowship, Michael Boldin leads the party with his sword of freedom along with his co-host, the Elf Huntress Lesley Swann who aim with the bow is always true.

As President Obama and Mitt Romney fought for the Ring of Power, the free peoples of ten states challenged the rule of the Dark Lord of Mordor on the Potomac.  Of those ten, six states passed their nullifying initiatives. Boldin and Swann started the conversation discussing the Montana’s victory declaring that governments can’t mandate the people to purchase health insurance.

After the break, the Dwarf John Michaels came flying out of the gate swing his very sharp ax and taking no prisoners while discussing Colorado and Washington State’s victory demanding the free recreational use of marijuana by their people.  He said, “The people of the State of Colorado and the people of the State of Washington saying, ‘Yeah, we respect what you are say about marijuana, but we can handle our own problems in our state. You can go shove it!”

Michael Boldin followed up by saying, “…the bottom line is, all agricultural and all health care issues are Tenth Amendment issues.”


Tenther Radio Episode #71: Nullify the Drones!

Drones. Soon America will have somewhere around 30,000 of these things flying and spying – virtually everywhere. Here at the Tenth Amendment Center, we believe that this mass spying program needs to be nullified into oblivion. Why? Because America was created to be a constitutional republic, not an Orwellian nightmare. Our guest this week is Blake Filippi, author of the TAC’s new “Privacy Protect Act,” a state-level bill designed to restore liberty, and nullify the drones


Tenther Radio Episode #70: Habeas Corpus as a Forgotten Tool of States Rights

Habeas Corpus – it holds mystique as the greatest anglo-american legal protection. The federal government has held it in pretty low regard over the years – from Japanese internment camps to guantanamo bay and now the NDAA. Anthony Gregory joins us this week to talk about the Writ’s role in the power struggle between the federal government and the states. He also discusses the proper scope of federal habeas for state prisoners and for wartime detainees from the Civil War and World War II to the modern War on Terror.