Tenther Radio Episode #62: Next Stop for the Revolution?

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Our heroes, Michael Boldin and Lesley Swann return to bring another thrilling and exciting episode of Tenther Radio number 62!

During the news segment, Tenther Dude (Michael Boldin) brought up an article written by David Welsh about  Arkansas placing medical marijuana on the November ballot.  Arkansas?  Yes, Arkansas!  Sign of the Apocalypse?

Followed up by Tenther Goddess (Lesley Swann) informing us about Thorium.  An Ohio group is considering a Tenth Amendment means in hopes in developing this new possible way of providing SAFE nuclear energy without having to deal with Unconstitutional Federal energy regulations.

Our heroes finished off the news segment by discussing Joe Wolverton’s new article about the Feds using elementary schools to train future Federal Agents.  Scary Thought!  As Tenther Goddess said, “This is one or two steps shy of ‘A Brave New World'”