Tenther Radio Episode #72: Elections and Nullification Success

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Welcome to Tenther Radio Episode #72!  The Captain of our Fellowship, Michael Boldin leads the party with his sword of freedom along with his co-host, the Elf Huntress Lesley Swann who aim with the bow is always true.

As President Obama and Mitt Romney fought for the Ring of Power, the free peoples of ten states challenged the rule of the Dark Lord of Mordor on the Potomac.  Of those ten, six states passed their nullifying initiatives. Boldin and Swann started the conversation discussing the Montana’s victory declaring that governments can’t mandate the people to purchase health insurance.

After the break, the Dwarf John Michaels came flying out of the gate swing his very sharp ax and taking no prisoners while discussing Colorado and Washington State’s victory demanding the free recreational use of marijuana by their people.  He said, “The people of the State of Colorado and the people of the State of Washington saying, ‘Yeah, we respect what you are say about marijuana, but we can handle our own problems in our state. You can go shove it!”

Michael Boldin followed up by saying, “…the bottom line is, all agricultural and all health care issues are Tenth Amendment issues.”