Tenther Radio Episode #76: NDAA Nullification, Rejecting ACA Exchanges, and What Next

Welcome to Tenther Radio Episode Number 76 as we channel the spirit of our Founders from that famous year of 1776!  While wearing his tri-corn hat, Michael Boldin leads his fellow patriots: Co-Host Lesley Swann,  Executive Producer John Michaels and Blogger John Lambert through more resistance battles.  However even with these recent victories that will be discussed in tonight’s episode, the continuing revolutionary war is far from over as he will explain later during his rant.

Lesley reported on a victory from Michigan as their State House voted unanimously 107-0 to nullify the NDAA in their state.  However, new battles will need to fought to push it through the Senate.  Boldin then brought up the Feinstein Amendment to the NDAA 2013.