Tenther Radio Episode #117: Step One to #NullifyNSA

In this week’s episode of Tenther Radio we’ll talk about Constitution Day. We’ll also tell you about another local government standing up for the Second Amendment. And we’ve got plenty of unconstitutional overreach to tell you about. Plus, we’ll share step one of our plan to stop NSA spying.


Tenther Radio Episode #116: Trickle-Down Federal Power

In this week’s episode of Tenther Radio we’ve got some good news in the struggle against indefinite detention. We’ll tell you about the surveillance fox guarding the American henhouse. And we’ll tell you about Congress’ unconstitutional answer to constitutional questions on war powers. Plus – trickle down power can be bad news!


Tenther Radio Episode #115: War Drums, Inept Media and a Nullification Win

In this week’s episode of Tenther Radio we’ll tell you about a big nullification win, more proof that it works. We’ll discuss presidential war powers. And we’ll have the latest government spying news. Plus, you’ll hear just how inept the mainstream media can be.


Tenther Radio Episode #114: More Walk, Less Talk

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In this week’s episode we’ll talk about the pounding war drums. We’ll tell you about a small-town Kansas mayor doing big things in the fight for the Second Amendment. And we’ll share with you the latest NSA spying revelations. Plus, how about a little walk to go with the talk?

Host: Michael Boldin.
Content Production: Mike Maharrey

We get our fair-share of criticism here at the Tenth Amendment Center.

I’m not complaining. It comes with the territory. And truthfully, sometimes its warranted. We often learn new things and develop new ideas based on comments from constructively critical readers and listeners. We welcome these kinds of comments. They make us better. Iron sharpens iron.


Tenther Radio Episode #113: We have to pick up the rope and pull

In this week’s episode we’ll tell you about yet another state nullifying an unconstitutional act. And some people will call a recent ruling in New York a “win,” but it’s really just an expansion of federal power. Plus we’ll talk about the fact that power won’t restrain itself. We must take action with or without them.


Tenther Radio Episode #112: Political Courage is Rare.

In this week’s episode, we’ll tell you about another step toward nullifying indefinite detention in California. And speaking of nullification, Ron Paul talked about it not once, but twice this week. We’ll tell you about Tennesseans talking hemp. Later in the show, we’ll talk about the prophetic words of a man who demonstrated some pretty impressive political courage.


Tenther Radio Episode #111: Step by Step

In this week’s episode, we’ll tell you about a local government in Oregon pushing back on NDAA indefinite detention. You’ll learn about an important state vote against NDAA here in California. And you’ll hear about one of the biggest lies. Ever. Plus, get some perspective on why each small act against unconstitutional federal “laws” is an extremely important one


Tenther Radio Episode #110: We’ve Only Just Begun!

In this week’s episode, we talk about a new federal program that reaches a new height of arrogance. And we’ve got 2 more states state nullifying unconstitutional federal marijuana “laws”. Plus, some important news about the nullification movement going a little more mainstream these days.


Tenther Radio Episode #109: Nullify Locally

In this week’s episode, we’ll talk about the feds’ struggle to get Obamacare up and running and how we can hinder it even more. Another Tennessee county has passed a resolution supporting the Second Amendment. And in Texas, the feds are yet again sticking their noses in where they don’t belong. Plus, we’ll talk about the power of local action.


Tenther Radio Episode #108: Thank You!

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn about another city in Kansas stepping up stop unconstitutional federal gun control, along with several local communities across the U.S. pledging support for the the Second Amendment. And there’s yet another standoff happening here in Nulli-fornia. Plus a great big thank you to all of our supporters.