Tenther Radio Episode #97: The Importance of Decentralization

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Kansas started a domino effect by passing the 2nd Amendment preservation act in April. This week, we’re seeing similar – and even stronger bills – move forward in Missouri and Alabama. Plus a solid bill is up for a vote in Texas on Saturday. We’ll talk about that in our news segment.

Two weeks ago on this show, we shared the scandal behind real id nullification in Missouri. Today, documents have been released proving that governor Jay Nixon was fully aware he was violating the state law to implement the federal act. And Mike Maharrey had a great interview on Clarkcast this week. The topic? The importance of decentralizing power. We’ll dig a little deeper into that subject, and talk about how moving political power close to home is a benefit to you, no matter what political stripes you happen to wear.


Tenther Radio Episode #96: The #NoDrones Movement is Growing

The #nodrones movement is picking up steam. Bills to ban warrantless drone spying are on the governor’s desk in both Tennessee and Florida. And in Oregon and Illinois, similar legislation has passed one state house by a wide margin. Plus, we’ll cover a bill to nullify the unconstitutional ban on hemp in Colorado, and legislation to nullify gun control moving forward in Louisiana.


Tenther Radio Episode #95: Real ID Backlash, and How to Enforce Nullification Bills

On this week’s Tenther Radio, we’ll learn about an explosive story in Missouri that has national implications. Four years ago the state voted to nullify the Real ID act.. But it has come to light that they’ve been implementing it behind the scenes anyway. Rather than sitting aside and letting that continue, there’s been a firestorm in both the grassroots and the state house. Freedom of Information Acts have been filed, lawsuits threatened and resignations are already happening. Matthew Silbur from Missouri Tenth will join us to explain it all – and share how you can make a stand in your state, just like the people of Missouri are doing.


Tenther Radio Episode #94: A Tenther Movement News Blitz

On this week’s Tenther Radio, you’ll get a Tenth Amendment movement news blitz. States and local communities are moving forward with measures to protect liberty at a dizzying pace! In Kansas and Missouri, the right to keep and bear arms is getting strong support. In Maryland, the health freedom got a little boost. In Montana,…


Tenther Radio Episode #93: Who owns you?

Do you believe in self-rule? Should you be free to choose your own medicine, whether or not to gamble, and when you can speak freely? When it comes to the FDA, the DEA, and just about every other federal agency, self-rule doesn’t fit into their goals. So how do people who want to live free actually do so? We’ll dig into these important questions…


Tenther Radio Episode #92: Noncompliance is working

“We see time and time again, one person leading the charge that gets people so irate, the federal bill is stopped,” says Swann after reporting on news from around the country. From Kansas to Florida, Obamacare to indefinite detention, non-compliance and nullification are the go-to doctrines these days for local governments.


Tenther Radio Episode #91: Noncompliance, and Taking Things Local

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States refusing to cooperate with the feds is an extremely effective tool to nullify unconstitutional federal acts. This week, we got some mainstream coverage and support too. We’ll cover what Judge Andrew Napolitano had to say on Fox and Friends – and how it can help you nullify in your state too.

The nullification movement is going local. Whether it’s the right to keep and bear arms, or food sovereignty and freedom, or ndaa indefinite detention. People are standing up in their own local communities to say NO to washington DC.

Walter Williams testifies in favor of nullification of Obamacare in South Carolina.  Judge Napolitano also discusses nullificaton.  Boldin closes with Mike Maharrey’s views of our nation’s disease- political party hangover.  And don’t forget the post show…


Tenther Radio Episode #90: Stopping Federal Agencies in their Tracks

On this week’s episode, nearly a half dozen state houses have stood up to say NO to unconstitutional federal acts in the past week. Plus, we’ll talk about something that a number of you have been asking. How do agencies actually carry out enforcement of federal laws? And more importantly, how can we use this information to stop them? Whether it’s the FDA, the ATF or the DEA – their method is the same, and so is ours.


Tenther Radio Episode #89: Pushback on Drones

The use of drones over US skies is being targeted for strict limitation and government-sanctioned kidnapping (indefinite detention) outlined in the NDAA is running up against the non-compliance and nullification of again, dozens of states like Illinois and Massachusetts.


Tenther Radio Episode #88: Nullification Fever Spreads!

Last week was the biggest week ever for the nullification movement. More Tenther bills had hearings and votes in state houses around the country than any week in modern times. And this week is off to a big start as well. There’s states voting to nullify federal gun laws, indefinite detention, drone spying – and we cover the highlights throughout the show tonight.