Episode 126

Tenther Radio Episode #126: Strength in Numbers

In this week’s episode of Tenther Radio, we’ve got some big news about efforts to nullify the NSA to report. We’ll tell you about a push to protect the Second Amendment in Virginia, nullify indefinite detention in Michigan and nullify Obamacare in South Carolina. Plus, we’ll talk about the importance of working in unison.

Tenther Radio Episode #125

Tenther Radio Episode #125: Fear is Their Top Weapon

In this week’s episode of Tenther Radio, we’ll tell you about a federal show of force that actually proves just how ineffective the feds are. Plus we’ll tell you about a state legislator ready to push back against NSA spying. We’ve got a couple of new nullification efforts to tell you about. And we’ll close out the show with an important message: fear not.

Tenther Radio Episode 124

Tenther Radio Episode #124: Noncompliance Works, Refuse to Comply!

In this week’s episode of Tenther Radio we’ll tell you about the official kickoff of a national campaign to stop NSA spying. We’ll show you just how effective noncooperation can be. And we’ll tell you about scary developments in drone technology. Plus, we’ll tell you why the Obamacare website failure is just the tip of the iceberg.

Episode 120

Tenther Radio Episode #120: Lessons to be Learned from the Shutdown

In this week’s episode of Tenther Radio we’ll tell you about NSA stalking. We also talk about Obamacare’s failure to launch. Plus, as you may have heard, but there’s some actual nullification going on in Wisconsin. And closing the show, we reveal one of the lessons to be learned from this so-called government shutdown.

Episode 119

Tenther Radio Episode #119: Big State and Local Nullification News

In this week’s episode of Tenther Radio we’ll tell you about an important admission that came out during the federal shutdown. Here in California, Jerry Brown actually signed a bill that takes a step towards nullification of NDAA indefinite detention. You’ll learn about two states limiting drone use. And closing the show this week, we’ll talk about nullification scare tactics.